LCPB-LS012 | Built-in Cable Portable Power Bank with 5000mAh
LCPB-LS012 | Built-in Cable Portable Power Bank with 5000mAh
  • item number:LCPB-LS012
  • Product name:Built-in Cable Portable Power Bank with 5000mAh
  • capacity:5K-9.9K mAh,
  • Color: White,
  • Bettery type:Li-polymer,
  • Adapter:Cell phones , iPod, iPhone, MP3/4 players,
  • WIFI:No,
  • LED Indicators:No,
  • MOQ:0.5K, 5K,
Built-in Cable Portable Power Bank PB-LS012 


1.4 LEDs indicate the capacity, 
2. Charging indication: Current LED ficker when charging, and 4 LEDs will turn on when it is full charged. 
3. Press the button to display the capacity, and active USB output, Press the button with 5s to shut down USB output. 
4. First LED will flicker when power is less then 5%. 
5. Loading Auto-detective with 120S, and LEDs will turn off if there have no load in 5s... 


1. Battery Type: LI-Po 925593PL Battery, 
2. Capacity: 5000mAh/18.5Wh, 
3. Input: MicroUSB: 5V/1.5A(Max), 
USB(Biult-in): 5V/1.5A(Max), 
4. Output: Micro USB(Biult-in) 5V/1A(Max), 
USB: 5V/2.1A(Max), 
5. Dimension: 132*66.5*12mm, 
6. Weight: 146.55g, 

Fit for 

Mobile phone, MP3/MP4, PSP, NDS, iPod, iPhone, iPad… 

Power Bank

1. Make sure the Power Bank completely before first time use
2. Recharge the battery at least once every 3 months
3. Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the Power Bank by yourself
4. Do not immerse the Power Bank in water
5. Do not expose the Power Bank to a heat source as fire or heater
6. Do not leave it in a car which in the sunray
7. Do not insert any object into the ventilation holes
8. Do not put the Power Bank where children can reach.


1. Too high volume will harmful to your ears

a.1-70db is most safe. (The normal volume is about 60db when we talk) 
b.70-120db is a little dangerous.
c. It may cause permanent hearing loss if the volume is more than 120db.

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